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Wood Fired Whiskey Barrel Seaweed Bath

Our wood fired Whiskey Barrel Hot Tub is made in Ireland using upcylcled Irish whiskey barrels and includes a barrel with a lid, steps, a small barrel for cold water, an Irish hurl and a marine grade wood fired stove.

The hot tub heats up in under an hour with less than a bale of briquettes or equivalent dry wood quantity. This tub is for up to 2 people.

Please note we only sell directly to interested parties.  We are aware of emerging parties selling similar products at a much cheaper rate where it appears these products fall short of the high quality and attention to detail that goes into our products.  These considerations primarily pertain to the finished barrel including the inside as well as the quality of the solid fuel stoves that others are supplying.

Got a potential business idea that incorporates wood fired barrels.  Give us a shout!

Cost is €5000 ex delivery and or installation. 
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