Welcome and thank you for your interest in Wild Atlantic Seaweed Baths. Please read these Terms and Conditions which you will be asked to agree too before making a booking with us.

• Baths are generally available on time if not ahead of schedule and we therefore recommend people arrive at least 15 minutes early and inform a member of staff where we may be able to get you into your bath early

• Please bring togs (swim wear), towel and drinking water. Please do not bring alcohol or glass. No toilet or changing facilities are provided on site. Wild Atlantic Seaweed Baths operators reserve the right to refuse admission to intoxicated persons or for other reasons that may be deemed a health and safety risk to other users of the baths or operators. Full nudity is not permitted neither is smoking in the baths permitted. No refunds will be offered to anyone refused admission

Cancellation Policy.  Please note once a booking has been paid for and confirmed, if you wish to cancel, the first and preferred option is for the purchaser of the booking to send a family member or friend instead and if doing this, to please email us letting us know of the name change for the person who will be arriving for the booking instead.  If the aforementioned is not an option, please email us letting us know that you wish to cancel your slot where we will re advertise your slot, where if rebooked, we will refund you the cost of your original booking minus a €5 admin charge per barrel cancelled.  

• In the very unlikely event that we cancel a booking, you will be notified by email / mobile and refunded.

• All persons using the baths do so at their own risk and whilst we do our utmost best to ensure everyone enjoys the baths, it is your own responsibility to ensure you can safely use the baths. If you have any reservations in this regard, it is essential that you consult your GP before booking in. Some reasons maybe that you are pregnant, have low blood pressure, skin conditions or vasovagal syndrome for which exposure to hot water in the baths could induce. This list is in no way intended to be exhaustive. Again and due to our own workload operating the baths, it would be an impossible task for us to medically screen every person using the baths so it is therefore all persons responsibility to ensure they can safely use the baths

• Once your bath is ready, your bath will be assigned to you by a member of staff. At this time it is of utmost importance to follow the guidelines regarding safe use of the baths which will be verbally communicated to you. This safety briefing will include information pertaining to safe entry and exit from the baths and as well as personal responsibility by all individuals using the baths and to make sure the baths are used safely and the temperature is suitable. Do not enter a bath that has not been assigned to you as it may be too hot or belong to someone else.

• Before entering the baths, all users must first check the temperature of the water before getting in to ensure the temperature is personally suitable. If a hand railing is required, please inform a member of staff. Otherwise the standard means of entry and exit is to always hold onto the top of the barrel with two hands anytime the steps are used as the steps may be slippery or rocky depending on the ground on which the barrels are set up on. We can also put a step in the bath if necessary and assistance is always available if required

• We have a policy of ensuring the bath is cool or around 35degrees centigrade prior to immersion in the baths which allows one to comfortably enter the bath where the bath temperature can be increased. We find every person is different and it is therefore down to personal preference where most people use their own senses to determine how warm they want their bath temperature.

• Important points regarding methods on how our baths temperature are maintained. Whilst bearing in mind our baths are outdoors and at times can cool quite quickly local weather conditions, to increase the temperature for approx. 250litres of water, logic would dictate that you’d need hot water to heat up a bath which has it’s inherent risks, i.e getting a hot water burn… In this regard, our water tanks are heated to a maximum of 60degrees centigrade which does have the potential to burn according to relevant literature, if exposure is 3 seconds or more.

Standard practice at our baths are to maintain or increase bath temperature in two ways. One is by way of us bring a hot hose to your bath and pour hot water in until a bather indicates they are happy. If this method is chosen, people have the option of either remaining in their baths and stirring their baths with their hands or the hurls or they can stand up whilst hot water is poured in. It is important that no direct body contact is made with the hot water being poured in. The other method is the self service system we’ve incorporated into the design of our baths. This comprises a standard petrol or diesel type nozzle with a spring engaged handle that must be squeezed to allow hot water to pour out. If using this system, once the nozzle or handle is being held with two hands, the end of the nozzle can be pointed over the side of the barrel and turned on to allow the cold water in the hose be flushed out until the hot water comes through at which point the nozzle can be brought into the bath whilst taking extra care to ensure the water isn’t poured over anyone. This info may all be obvious and similar in a way to how a normal bath is used but it is important to be familiar with how our baths are operated. Again, a member of staff is always on hand to help out if requested. Finally, please see the next note which is provided as a reference to the effects of varying hot water and the immersion times required for scalding or skin burns

Water at 60 °C can induce scalding injuries in less than 3 seconds, while it takes 10 seconds to get an injury at 57 °C and 1.5 to 2 minutes to achieve an injury in 52 °C hot water. Scalds are generally more common in children, especially from the accidental spilling of hot liquids.


We look forward to seeing you at one of our amazing locations soon! Thanks.