Welcome to Wild Atlantic Seaweed Baths.

We are one of Ireland’s only fully mobile seaweed bath providers. If immersing yourself in an hour of bliss sounds good to you, please continue browsing our platforms for more details on what we do.

To make a visit to our baths, follow our Facebook and Instagram pages where our location updates are generally announced on a Wednesday evening and then come find us or make a booking.

We look forward to seeing you soon

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Due to weather constraints and other factors that affect Wild Atlantic Seaweed Baths locations, our upcoming locations are generally announced on a Wednesday evening online via our social media platforms.

Bookings can be arranged via mobile text and are only valid if you receive a confirmation text stating “you’re booked in”.

Bookings without deposit are taken in advance of any pop up event but we do request reasonable notice if cancelling as this enables us to rebook a slot.

Prices for the Seaweed Baths:

€35.00 for one person using a bath

€50.00 for two adults sharing a bath

Children under the age of 16 years old are free with a parent or guardian using the baths but must be supervised at all times.

NB.  Please note, we endeavour to have all baths ready at the allocated time given out to anyone booking in and therefore we strongly advise people visiting the baths to turn up on time if not ahead of schedule where we will ensure you get to use the bath for the full hour.

Sales & Private Hire

Please contact us to discuss sales of our Wild Atlantic Seaweed Baths or hiring for events such as sports, conferences, corporate, weddings and VIP events.

Wild Atlantic Seaweed Baths, established during the summer of 2018 provide one of the only fully mobile seaweed bath outfits in Ireland and maybe worldwide.

With our Irish whiskey barrel baths, the hurleys and our custom made heating system, we regularly set up at various location in West Cork and on the Wild Atlantic Way.

We have been making “Whiskey Barrel Hot Tubs” for 10 years and the Wild Atlantic Seaweed Baths project is the latest fruition of our love for good healthy living and ……. Whiskey Barrels

With increasing numbers of people seeking unique and healthy experiences, it is with these objectives in mind we strive to offer a quality service.

Upon visiting us at one of our locations, you can expect to find us pouring hot seaweed baths (we have 6 of them) whilst using locally and sustainably hand harvested seaweed.

We take pride in offering a high quality service which is why every bath is emptied, scrubbed and cleaned before the next person immerses themselves in an hour of bliss whilst enjoying a panoramic view of some beautiful bay or expanse of coastline we set up in all the while endless hot water top ups are brought to you to keep your bath nice and toasty.

If visiting Wild Atlantic Seaweed Baths, we offer the following advice and guidelines.

As with any therapeutic experience that involves raising one’s body temperature, it is of utmost importance to hydrate yourself prior to and after using one of our baths. Therefore we recommend you bring plenty of drinking water with you.

We also discourage people from using the baths if intoxicated with alcohol or any other drugs and we request all visitors to refrain from drinking alcohol whilst using our baths as alcohol and hot water can lead to one becoming nauseous or drowsy which can lead to unconsciousness and therefore potentially, serious injury. If pregnant, please consult with your GP before using our baths as hot water can adversely affect pregnant women and the unborn.

When making a visit to our baths, please bring togs, towel and drinking water to hydrate yourself prior to, during and after using the baths.

Seaweed Baths in Ireland go back nearly a century and the use of seaweed for it’s health giving properties have been known for a long time.

Our bathers regularly speak of the incredible benefits our seaweed baths have for their skin, aches and pains as well as contributing to incredible sleep afterwards.

A group of TY students in West Cork as a result of using the baths have also been inspired to do a project on the benefits of seaweed who were recently invited to make a presentation to the BT Young Scientist an Technology Exhibition.

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And finally… thank to everyone for all the help in getting Wild Atlantic Seaweed Baths up and running, to all the amazing communities who continue to give us such a warm welcome when we visit and to everyone who either visits the baths or tells others via word of mouth or online how amazing our baths are…  We are so grateful.

Wild Atlantic Seaweed Baths is an RBN registered with the Companies Registration Office in Dublin, No: 623657